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Sunday Morning w/Robert A. French
Brother French discusses topics concerning the state of the world and the good news of Jesus that will bring us to repentance and escape the sentence of death that our nations seem to be running towards today.
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By Robert A. French

How Then Should we Eat the Lord's Supper?

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Below are links to various sites that will provide insight into what is happening around the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. We also provide links here that we use in our research of the history of the bible in context of the events that have shaped the world view according to way, the truth, and the life, found in Jesus Christ.

Changing the Dialogue Reference Material

Follow the studies and read for yourself the references used in the studies of Changing the Dialogue with Brian French

2024 Changing the Dialogue

January 3, It is Finished, A Calling Out!
February 7, First Century Christianity, what do we know?
March 6, 1st & 2nd Century Writings, how did it shape Christianity?
April 3, Plato & Christianity
May 1, Effects of Platonism on ante-Nicene Christianity
June 5, Post Nicene Christianity

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2023 The Good News

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