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Let me be weighed in a just balance, and let God know my integrity. Job 31:6 (ESV)

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How long has mankind been searching for the meaning of existence? We quantify our existence by the level of our intelligence, yet everyone is searching for the meaning of life in some spiritual journey to qualify themselves for existence. We have people on either end of the intellectual and spiritual spectrum working to justify existence by their own experience or experiments. Science is determined to quantify existence while the religious determined to qualify existence by their experience.

What is AI? (Artificial Intelligence)

Chapter #200 - Day 2,111,317 of the Crisis of Identity

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In 1983 Robert A. French began what is now RAF Ministries, an independent 501(c)3 Charitable Organization. It is our intent to spread the good news of Jesus Christ free from the Christian Institutions that have held men and woman in bondage to their dogma. We hold no affiliation to any denomination of Christianity or call ourselves non-denominational. We are simply part of the body of believers, following the way, the truth, and the life, found in Jesus Christ. If our ministry has helped in your walk with Christ please consider a donation. May the Lord continue to prosper our lives!

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The Founder

Robert & Sandra French
Married for and faithfully serving and ministering the good news of Jesus together for 61 years!